Respirator Fit Testing checks whether a respirator properly fits the face of the individual that wears it. The fitting attribute of a respirator is the ability of the mask to separate an employee’s respiratory system from ambient air.

Fit Testing is now a mandatory requirement for all persons undertaking the removal of Asbestos, our company offers this service using the qualitative method.

Importance of Fit testing

Respirator Fit Testing is important as it covers numerous issues:

  • Seal
  • Compatibility
  • Stability

Fit testing is an ongoing requirement

The fit test is not a ‘one-off’ activity but must be repeated at suitable intervals or when change occurs.

Frequency of repeat test should be determined by a risk based approach, with high risk materials such as Asbestos, requiring repeat fit testing every year.

Occasions Fit Testing is required

The most common changes that require a new fit test are whenever the wearer:

  • When New
  • Changes to a different model or size of respiratory protection
  • Substantial dental work or develops and facial changes (e.g. scars) around the face seal area
  • Loss or gain of weight

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