Asbestos Surveys and Plans
We provide asbestos surveys tailored to meet your requirements. We can do any job from a small shed or house to large commercial premises.

These include:

  • Management surveys 
  • Refurbishment surveys
  • Demolition surveys

Asbestos Management Plans
The Health and Safety (Asbestos) Regulations 2016 or commonly known as the Asbestos Regulations, place a duty on a PCBU with management or control of the workplace, to ensure that a written plan (an asbestos management plan) for the workplace is prepared. In order to prepare an asbestos management plan to meet the Asbestos Regulations, an asbestos management survey should be completed to identify and assess the condition of ACMs present in the workplace. With this information, the asbestos management plan can be formulated. Let us provide you with a survey and assist you in preparing a plan. 

Asbestos Air Monitoring and Clearance Inspections
We offer air monitoring for the following situations:

  • Before removal work to establish existing conditions (baseline)
  • During removal work to check the enclosures integrity (leak)
  • Following removal work and the enclosure has been removed (reassurance) 
  • Reassurance monitoring may also be carried out based on a risk assessment or in situations where it is considered necessary. This could be areas adjacent to enclosure during removal or areas where ACMs are present, and you want to ensure they do not pose a risk of fibre release.

Following licensed asbestos removal work, a clearance inspection must be completed and a clearance certificate must be issued before the area can be reoccupied. We offer clearance inspections for both Class A & Class B removal work.

Mould and Moisture Assessments
Exposure from indoor dampness in the home or workplace can have significant effects on your health. We provide mould and moisture assessments and offer the following services:

  • Thorough visual inspection of the property for visual signs of water ingress
  • Non-culturable mould sampling using a spore trapper device (airborne spores)
  • Lift sampling for visual mould
  • Air screening for total volatile organic compounds
  • Moisture screening using a capacitive moisture meter
  • Thermal imaging for temperature abnormalities
  • Air temperature and relative humidity levels
  • A detailed report with recommendations

All mould samples are subcontracted to Biodet for analysis.